What does it mean to be a modern rosie?

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Modern Rosie is about loving the journey that you are on. It’s about embracing adventure, nurturing our creative spirits, honoring our duties to family and community and tying on our red polka dot bandanas and shouting, “We can do it!” It’s also a little about submarines and suitcases, the ocean, road trips and cute furry things, coffee and wine and good books, because what would life be like without them!

about our shop

The Modern Rosie design shop creates art prints, stationery, fabric, accessories and home decor items all featuring the art of Illustrator Becky Litton.  We specialize in nautical and submarine items as well as beach, adventure and nature themes. Most prints and paper goods are produced in house, while home decor times and accessories are produced by trusted companies with a license to reproduce our artwork.  We love our designs and we wouldn’t put them on anything other than top quality.  If you have any questions or a concern please contact us.  

You may shop for prints and greeting cards here in our shop.  Our Fabric designs are sold by Spoonflower.  Other Modern Rosie items, like throw pillows, notebooks, mugs, phone cases, crazy leggings and shower curtains can be found at Society6.  And some of our greeting cards and prints are now available from Amazon.com

about our artist

My great grandmother’s name was Beula.  When she was a young woman during WWII she moved from rural Oklahoma to California because our country needed her to do a job.  She became a welder. She built airplanes. She also raised some pretty awesome kids, traveled the country and had a smile on her face. I never got to meet her, but I have her old photos, and I hope I have some of her spirit.

My Name is Becky.  I believe in duty, honor and adventure.  I’m a Modern Rosie, and I’ll bet you are too. I also believe in the creative child within us all, the indomitable spirit of military families, good food, hot coffee, wine to share and cute furry things.

Photo by Stacy Kiernan Photography

Photo by Stacy Kiernan Photography

I am an artist, a military wife and a busy mom. I have a master’s degree in illustration, two lovely daughters and a very busy husband who occasionally drives a submarine around the ocean. Being a Navy wife for more than a dozen years, I have made my career portable by being a freelance graphic designer, a children’s book author and illustrator, and an Art Director. These days I run the Modern Rosie design shop.

I have a Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and a Master’s degree from UT Southwestern and I'm currently (very slowly) working on an MFA in illustration from SCAD. I’ve lived on both coasts, across the ocean, in the south, the west and even New England, but I’ll always be a Texas girl at heart. I’d love for you to join in on the fun on Modern Rosie’s Facebook page.  Follow us on Instagram,  Twitter or Pinterest.