DIY Craft Table

I like a BIG worktable. I also need a durable (and possibly replaceable) work surface. Last weekend I increased my workspace and added a little DIY charm to my studio by making my own work table.

Necessary Items...

  • two filling cabinets
  • one unfinished door (I got mine from Lowes)
  • stain (I used Minwax dark walnut)

I liked the look of white cabinets under a dark wood surface so I used a dark stain for the wood.  And when I get it covered in paint, ink, crayon and scratches I'll just flip it over.  Also, since we are a military family, I don't have to worry about the movers dismantling and destroying the desk each time we move.

I also realized while doing this project that I my old desk chair that I got at a garage sale years ago had stopped rolling.  So, I treated myself to a grown up, awesome chair to go with my DIY desk.