How to Build a Fairy House out of Everyday Items

Project: Spend quality time with your Fairy obsessed little girl and nurture her creative side without spending a fortune at the craft store.

After watching a certain Disney movie out on DVD several times, my daughter decided that we needed to make a fairy house, just in case any wayward fairies stopped by.  This is how we did it with just what we found around the house and yard…


  • A small cardboard box,
  • poster board (or a large sheet of paper)
  • construction paper
  • glue
  • leaves
  • sticks
  • An assortment of little goodies (for example:  cotton balls, small boxes, paper cup, pipe cleaners, stickers, flowers, pebbles, a jingle bell, etc.)


  • Scissors
  • School Glue
  • Hot glue
  • box cutter (helpful but not necessary)
  • needle and thread (don’t be intimidated if you don’t sew)

STEP 1 – Cut apart your box.

Find a good sized box that is small enough for a fairy, but big enough for a few bits of fun furniture inside.  We used an oatmeal box from Costco. Cut the top off then cut the back of your house open so that your little one can open it up to decorate.

Use your box cutter (or some scissors) to cut open a door and windows.


STEP 2 – Decorate!

Have your little one attack the inside and the outside of the box with crayons, stickers and whatever else you’ve got laying around.  I found that my daughter had definite ideas about how a fairy’s house should be decorated.

We hot glued sticks to the door and a also hung a jingle bell on the outside. If you are using a corrugated cardboard box you and slide pipe cleaners in between the layers in the windows to make the illusion of window pains. You can hot glue sticks across the windows for the same effect.  This way your fairies will not be able to escape through the windows.

Tips: We cut up a photo of my daughter and “framed” it with construction paper.  She wanted to let the fairy know who made the house.  We also cut out construction paper flowers and I had my daughter glue them on.  My daughter insisted that we make a clock with hearts on it so they could practice telling time.  And of course we made a “Fairies Welcome” sign so they wouldn’t think it was a trap.


STEP 3 – The Roof.

This was the most time consuming step, but it really makes the house look awesome.  First, make a large cone out of your poster board (a large sheet of drawing paper works fine too).  Use tape to secure the cone closed.  Place it on your box to make sure it is the right size, then trim around the bottom to even it out.

Next, get out that needle and thread.  (You can glue your leaves as well, if they are dry.  Ours were fresh off the tree so they weren’t very glue friendly.) Starting around the bottom, sew your leaves on with a large running stitch.  Continue sewing each row with a little overlap so they cover most of the poster board.   We used green leaves with a few red and gold ones mixed in.

I thought my daughter would get board during this step, but she proclaimed herself “Queen of the leaves,” and handed me each leaf as I attached them.


STEP 4 – The finishing touches.

Using a small box, two cotton balls and a scrap of felt we made a fairy bed.  We cut the bottom off of a paper cup, turned it upside down and made it a fairy table.  Another square of fabric was made into a rug, and some shiny pebbles became stools.

Outside, we placed flowers in the front garden, ribbons along the sidewalk and, at the last minute, a lego diving board. Because fairies love to dive.