Sincerely, a Modern Rosie.

This is dedicated to the women who don’t want to do it all, but do it anyways.

Note: Most points made in this blog post were thought of in my cycling class.

Location: Quantico Barbara Gym - Quantico, VA

Status: Dying.


I can’t breathe. Sweat is dripping in my eye. My legs burn. And I am totally regretting my beverage choice that morning of orange juice. 😓 I glance at the wall clock conveniently centered in front of me --- 


BS. Pretty sure that clock is broken.  

I sit back in my seat, grab my water, and give a small, “encouraging” smile to the girl next to me, who gives a similar smile back.  I’ve only known her for one month, but she gives me comfort living in this new place.

She’s from Pennsylvania. I’m from Texas. We grew up half a country apart, but we have so much in common.

We are both newlyweds, married to Marines, and willingly left our homes for the men we love, and the adventure we urn for... 

We are Modern Rosies.

And before you're like,

"uhh take advice from a newlywed??" 

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Jocelyn M. Walsh, formerly known as Jocelyn M. Litton

  My trip to Texas this past month. Notice the wine bottle...

My trip to Texas this past month. Notice the wine bottle...

Yup.  Becky Litton is my aunt and that's how I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to write for Modern Rosie's blog. 

Well that and my amazing writing skills... I hope? 

I graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.A in psychology and a minor in history.  I am currently working towards my master's in business administration with a specialization in organizational development. Sounds fancy, huh? It’s really not, but I love telling people that. 🤓

I'm not much of an artist, but over the years I've found a passion for marketing. I've done marketing for my family's dog wash, a boutique, and two real estate companies. Keep in mind, I am self taught and still figuring things out, but that's the fun part to me.

I like to call myself a "half military brat"

Not sure why we are called brats but whatever. My dad is a Marine Corp officer - and to this day my husband will not admit he was intimidated to meet my dad for the first time, but we all know that's a lie. 😏 

Anyway I call myself a "half military brat" because my parents divorced when I was just two, so I only experienced the military life for three months in the summer and one week in December. Sort of like a window into both sides of life.  

I am the oldest sister of five lucky brothers and one little sister. Yes, I said five. And yes, that was a lot of free babysitting. So I like to believe that gives me a good third place standing in parenting...

Walsh wedding.png

They say women marry men like their fathers

I did. If you look up serendipity in the dictionary, it means “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” 

It’s also a great chick flick starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I think my husband and I met at just the right time, despite having gone to the same school since 6th grade,  yet only meeting him three months before he enlisted in the Marine Corp and left for boot camp on my 18th birthday. Literally, on my 18th birthday. That’s a lot of emotional, heartbreak for an 18 year old girl! 💔 On the bright side I have these amazingly sweet (and sometimes corny) hand-written letters between us while he was away for those months. 

New Years 2018.png

We were long distance for three years

Attended college together for three years, and have been married for one year.

We are definitely an example of a no ordinary love. 

He is now a Marine Corp Officer and we're looking forward to the many adventures ahead! We have no children, yet. But I am a proud fur mama to two pups and one kitten. Picture features Mr. Ollie, Miss Maxine (trying to escape) and Miss Cleo 🐾

Now you know a little about me and who exactly is writing these blog posts, so on to more important things, like reasons why you might want to read these blog posts! 🤗

Reasons why you should become a VIP Rosie, err I mean read Rosie's blog... 

I run the world

Or at least according to Beyonce, I do. I'm a woman. Which now makes me think of Shaina TwainAnyway I still got a lotta living to do, but I am certainly a woman and I'm sure a lot of readers, specifically female readers, can relate to that. Yay, female empowerment! 👸🏻


I like to add a little humor to my writing

Actually,  I think that if someone were able to listen to my thoughts throughout the day, they would think I was hilarious. And I don't mean that in a braggy kinda way. Have you ever heard the saying, "the quietest people, have the loudest minds"? Well that's me. I am way better at writing my feelings and thoughts out, than actually saying them aloud.. or is it out loud? Anyway I'm a dork, and sometimes it can be amusing. 


I can cook 👩🏻‍🍳

Now this is me bragging. I seriously love to cook, and mostly because I love good food 🍕🍔🍝🍰 And if I want good food than I have to make my own, since my husband believes it is not "money wise" to go out to eat ALL the time...😒 Soooo I will be sharing my yummy recipes with ya'll, or recipes I've tweaked. (I love how Word doesn't recognize the word "tweak" but instead auto corrected it to "twerked" and then "tweet"...🤦🏻‍♀️) 


I like reading books and cuddling with cute, furry things

And if you also like reading books and cuddling with cute, furry things, then you've come to the right place! Cute, furry things not included. As part of my news years resolution, and really the only one I've kept so far, I have pledged to read at least 1 book a month. So I'm always looking for new, and entertaining books to read, which I will gladly share with you!


I like coffee and I love wine

I love my wine. Period. 🍷

Not sure if this is a reason to read our blog, but again, I thought it was relatable. 


I was born in the wrong era 

And honestly, I'm not sure which era I was suppose to be born in? To start I'm a 90's baby who was a teen in the early 2000's. Therefore, rock bands like Fall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls, All American Rejects, Panic! at the Disco, Secondhand Serenade (the list goes on) will always bring back some teen angst memories for me. However, I was blessed to be born into a family who knows their movies, music, and history. In other words, I'm a retro junkie. My parents were born in the 70s and grew up in the 80s. My grandparent's were born in the 50s and grew up in the 60s. My mom raised me on 80's coming-of-age movies such as Pretty in Pink and 16 Candles,  I know all the words to at least 3 ABBA songs. I've seen Gone with the Wind at least 10 times and counting. I LOVE 40s, 50s, and 60s fashion. And I've seen every movie Audrey Hepburn has starred in. Long story, short: I'm into old school things and I want to share my finds with you through Rosie's Blog


I was raised by Modern Rosies


Oh the many, many women in my life, I like to call it both a blessing and a curse. But mostly a blessing. Unless you were at my wedding..then it was a curse. 😑 But in all seriousness, these are the women who have inspired me. Who have led me, advised me, taught me, and guided me. These blogs posts will not only come from me, but from these women as well. This blog post was dedicated to them, so it's only right I end it on this note. I'll be honest, it took me forever to write this blog post (sorry, Aunt Becky), but I wanted to truly grasp what it means to be a Modern Rosie to me. So no matter your age, career, your husband's career, if you have children, your relationship status, etc. being a Modern Rosie to me is about believing you can do it, no matter what cards you're dealt with. As my grandma put it: It's like not wanting to go to the gym, but going anyways. It may not be fun, you may not have the perfect form, it might get messy, you might want to give up, maybe you even will, but you went and did it anyways. Because 99% of time, you're happy you did. It has only made you stronger, wiser, and better. 

That is what being a Modern Rosie is to me. 

- Sincerely, A Modern Rosie  

What makes you a Modern Rosie? Let us know by leaving comments below!


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