The Best Submarine Gifts on the Internet 2017


*I have personal experience with some of these products and companies, but others are merely neat ideas I found online. None of these are paid endorsements. Add your positive and considerate thoughts to the comments section.

Let's get right to it.  Here are some of my favorite Submarine themed gift ideas for the year.  You can skip my comments and see the whole list on my Pinterest Board Here. I'll be adding to this board so check back if you need more ideas! Also feel free to help me out and add your ideas to the comments at the bottom.  Here we go....

Captain Sonar -  Franticly awesome party game

We played this with a group of submariners and their wives.  It was epic.  Basically it's like battleship on steroids.  Great for groups of six or eight.  Pairs well with a fruity white or an IPA. ;)


Submarine Dolphin Cufflinks from 16 Submarines

If you haven't checked out 16 Submarines yet, you need to! Operated by a Submariner family in Washington State, they have some great items, like these swanky gold cufflinks. 


Glittery Submarine Ornaments

Speaking of 16 Submarines... this is my favorite holiday item this year! Get yours while you can, I hear these are selling like hotcakes!

Submarine Wine Charms from Anchored Promises

I'm a little biased because I designed these, but Lauren (a fellow sub wife) does a great job with these cute magnetic wine charms.  A unique and simple gift for the sub wino in your life.


Submarine Dolphins Wine Glasses from Navy Brat Glass

While you have your cute wine charms (above) you need glasses too! I've never seen any of her products in person, but she has great reviews on etsy.  She has lot's of fun nautical designs too.  

Submarine Dolphin Etched Pilsner Glass from Amazon

And here's a lovely beer glass to go with your wine glasses... I think I may need a set of these.

Painted Submarine Signs!

Jamie from Words of Wisdom is a fabulous lady, and she'd love to make something custom for you! (Like a submarine command set of wood signs).

Underneath It All: A Submarine Bedtime Story by Brianne Humara

Books make great gifts, and this one is particularly sweet. Written by a submariner's wife and illustrating life aboard a sub for kids to understand. 


He Volunteered for Submarine Service - WWII Poster

I couldn't help it.  I know it's nothing new, but I love this SO MUCH.   


Submarine Christmas Cards

Our Submarine Holiday cards are available as singles or boxes of 10 or 20. 


Submarine Dolphin Engraved Knife from Amazon

A great stocking stuffer for your submariner! My husband has one of these and he uses it all the time. I stole it to open the zillion boxes we had to unpack after our recent PCS.


Submarine Wooden Teether from Banner Toys

The cutest submarine baby gift ever! A useful, simple toy, from a great company.


Submarine Model from Unique Handmade Models

We don't have one of these, but It looks stunning.  Would be beautiful on a mantel! If you have one of these, comment below so we can have a first hand account.  


Submarine Fleece blanket by Modern Rosie

We love our fleece submarine blankets.  Available in several colors (including a christmas blanket) and several sizes.  These blankets are unbelievably soft. Hands down our favorite gift in our shop this year. 


Submarine Dolphin Wine Caddy by Silver to Gold Dolphins on Etsy

OMG. It's a dolphin wine caddy people.  I wonder if my husband will read this?? Hint Hint. 


Our Love Travels the Depths of the Ocean Bracelet by Sad Basset

I stumbled upon this on Etsy by accident, and I'm so glad I did. So beautiful! Submariners, this is what you need to get your wife/girlfriend.  You are welcome.  She has some really beautiful creations in her shop, all are worth a look!



Vintage Submarine Voyage Disneyland print from Ebay

Do we have any Disney fans out there? I found several vintage copies of this Tomorrowland poster available online.  This would look amazing in a game room, kids room or even a bathroom!



Submarine Scarf from Modern Rosie

Our scarves are always a best seller around the holidays.  Mom-in-laws love them, just sayin'. Oh, and they are fun for holiday parties as well. 


Submariner Shave Soap by Reef Point Soaps

I haven't smelled this soap, but I am assured is NOT a combo of amine, grease, body odor and baked bread. Several friends have raved about this so It was a no brainer for this list. 


Embroidered Submarine Handkerchief from Broiderie Stitch on Etsy

I'm a sucker for vintage handkerchiefs, and this Irish linen pocket beauty is too lovely to pass up. 


Modern Rosie Coffee Mugs

With a wide range of designs, we've got your tea/coffee drinker in the family covered.


Submarine Dog Collar by Dogs Art Collars on Etsy

These look like designer collars fit for any super spoiled submariner's pup!  


Art by Katie Faile

If you haven't already purchased a piece by Katie this year, chances are you are way too late now, but I have to include her in this list because her artwork is so lovely, inspiring and unique, and her hand made cribbage boards are truly works of art. Check out her Facebook page and maybe you'll have a shot at a piece next year. 


FishGill Designs Bracelets

You just can't have a submarine gift list without FishGill Designs! Check out their Facebook page to order, or check your local Dolphin Store. These ladies are the best!


Santa in a Sub Ornament

We couldn't pass this one up! It's Santa in a submarine! 


And Don't forget to check out your local Dolphin Store, if you are in Groton, Norfolk, Kings Bay, Bangor or Pearl! Support your submarine community and shop local!

See more items collected on my Pinterest board!

Do you know of an item or company that should be on this list?? Comment below! We'd love to keep this list growing!

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