The Flamingos Have Arrived!

Inspiration can strike at any moment!

You never know when a big pink feathery bolt of motivation is going to land in your lap.  

A simple request for a flamingo themed gift idea got me sketching and painting flamingos like crazy.  I'm happy to announce the arrival of two new prints, a flock of lovely flamingos and an anchor made of flamingos! Because why not!

Prints are available from our shop in various sizes and as a greeting card.  You'll also find pillows, pouches, scarves, mugs and notebooks all covered in bright, cheerful, pink inspiration.

But wait, there's more! If you are looking for cell phone cases, wall tapestries, beach towels, cell phone cases and travel mugs, head over to Society6.  And if you are REALLY loving these, then you need flamingo leggings from RedBubble.