Happy Birthday Fay Kanin #WCW

May 9th, 1917 to March 27th, 2013

1. Happy Birthday!



Today, May 9th,  is Fay Kanin's birthday! She would be have been 100 years old. Happy Birthday Fay Kanin!  

2. Both her and her husband, Michael Kanin, were successful screenwriters.

She earned an Oscar Nomination for her work, "Teacher's Pet" (1958), as well as earned 2 Emmy Awards for the television special, "Tell Me Where It Hurts" (1974), and another one for "Friendly Fire" (1979.) 

3. During WWII, Fay produced a radio series encouraging women to contribute to the war effort.  

After the war, she wrote "Goodbye, My Fancy" (1948), a play whose congresswoman hero was modeled on Eleanor Roosevelt. By 1949, it was a Broadway hit, and later become a movie in 1951. 

4. She was put on the "Hollywood Blacklist" in 1952.

She was put on the list for being associated with Communist Party members, and was denied work in Hollywood for 2 years. After all was said and done, she then began work on "Rhapsody" (1954) which starred Elizabeth Taylor. 

5. She was the president of the Academy of Motion Arts and Science. 

She was the second president after actress, Bette Davis, and maintained the position from 1979-1983. 

-Sincerely, A Modern Rosie. 

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