Wine Cork Anchor

Okay, let's use up some of those loose corks you've got stashed away by doing a wine cork anchor craft!  My friend Lauren of Anchored Promises and I are on month 178 of our husbands' 6 month deployment, and we've consumed a bit of wine in that time.  Here's What we did with the corks.


We did this in one evening, did not slice any fingers off and only received minor hot glue burns in the process.

Cork Anchors:


  • At least a dozen corks, possible two dozen, sliced in half
  • bottle caps or wine bottle foil tops (do those have a real name?)
  • A piece of wood or a wood canvas
  • Wood Stain


  • Hot glue gun
  • rolling pin (for foil tops)
  • veggitable steamer


1. Stain your base – We used 12×24 and 12×12 inch wood canvases.  I got mine here, but you can find them at craft supply stores.  You can also use an size pice of wood or even a regular canvas.  I used Minwax dark walnut.


2. Cut your corks – while the stain dries, fire up the steamer and put in a few corks.  Let them steam for a few minutes until they seem a little plumper than before.  Then, being careful, and using a kitchen knife, slice them in half. They won’t be perfect.  Don’t worry. Perfect is overrated.

3. Map out your anchor on your board, set it up just like you like it.  You can use our two anchors as a guide, but feel free to improvise! You will also want to use a rolling pin to roll out your foil tops at this point or you can smash bottle caps flat.


4. Glue – Using a liberal glop of hot clue adhere each cork to the board.  Glue flattened foil tops or bottle caps directly to the board.  Or, if you want your bottle caps unflattened, cut a few corks in to 1/8- 1/4 inch slices and glue them to the underside of the bottle caps.  Then glue the cork to the board.  This way you don’t get globs of glue around your bottle caps.  You can use my method, and just glue on as you see fit, let it all go and see what happens. Or, you can use Lauren’s method and agonise over the symmetry of your piece while your friend hogs the hot glue gun.  Either way, you’ll have a nice nautical wine cork wall hanging when you are finished!