Q: Are you actually Rosie the Riveter? 

A: No.  But we do like red polka dots and can do attitude.


Q: How long do items take to ship?

A: Most items ship out the next business day. Sometimes we can get cards out the door the same day. Custom items and hand painted signs can take up to a week. You will get an email when your item ships.


Q: Can I pick up locally in the DC area?

A: Yes, We are currently in North Arlington, VA. You are welcome to save on shipping and pick up your order, but you have to bring us Starbucks. Contact us for a local pick up coupon code before you order. 


Q: Do you donate items for FRG events and charity auctions?

A: Heck yes! Send us a message for details. 


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Honestly, we were overwhelmed by our shipping provider's international shipping options. We figured out Guam and Canada, but everywhere else will take some math and stuff. Contact us directly for international orders, and we can make it happen. We hope to grow some more brain cells and get this figured out soon.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: It's simple. If you don't like it, send it back to us. We will send you a refund or an exchange. No questions asked. 


Q: I saw a mug/blanket/bag/phone case/widget with a Modern Rosie design, but I don't see it in your shop! Help me, I NEED it!

A: Deep breaths. Check out Society6.  They are one of our biggest suppliers and they have a lot more of our items in stock than we can carry in our shop.  So go get those dolphin leggings, girl. You  will totally rock them! Still can't find it? Shoot us a message. We'll hunt it down!


Q: What if you didn't answer my question???

A: Send us a message, we'd love to meet you. For real.